Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Sculptures of Tamara Weller

An extrodinary artist has recently joined the ENGINE GALLERY family. We discovered Tamara Weller at the Artist Project in Toronto where she had been accepted as an artist in the Untapped program.

Tamara has an extrodinary ability to create an emotional narrative with her work and Steven and I were both struck by it immediately. Tamara is a recent graduate of the University of Manitoba and heavily involved in the arts community there.

It was this piece in particular that stopped my in my tracks, and now, having it in the gallery, it is having the same effect on our clients:

This sculpture is entitled "Linda" and is comprised of a painted bronze woman and a house built of wood. Tamara also created a large scale installation called "Morning House" shown below.

We are grateful to Tamara for the tenderness of this work. It does not fail to have an effect on those who share its space.

To view more of Tamara's work please visit


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brent Lewin's Wild Elephants in Bangkok

Engine Artist Brent Lewin has been attracting a lot of attention lately.

Brent has recently been recognized as one of Photo District News (PDN)'s top 30 new and emergent photographers to watch for 2010 and chosen as a winner in the 2010 applied arts photography and illustration awards in the 'limited edition gallery prints' category for his Want Not Waste Not series.

During CONTACT we will show Brent's series entitled The Elephant in the Room.

The series explores the plight of wild elephants in Bangkok, Thailand as they "vie aimlessly for space in the congested streets" brought in by 'handlers' as a means for panhandling.

Brent explores how the revered, honourable and majestic image of the elephant has come to "represent the failures and inequity of the country's economic development."

Brent Lewin attended the University of Toronto and has photographed for such publications as National Geographic, The New York Times, Discovery Channel Magazine and The Toronto Star.