Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Earthquakes, Riots and Heatwaves and Great Art in June

It was an eventful month to say the least! With all that was going on in the city we were truly grateful that so many people still made it down to the gallery.

We had three very successful shows beginning with Myriam Levy's Desert Rhythms. The beautiful vibration of her work was complimented by extraordinary music chosen by Myriam.
Our next opening was for Diana Bennett and her cathartic work entitled 'Re
sonance' - a series of sculptures exploring her experiences with her Grand daughter's battle with cancer. It has received not only critical praise, many are saying it is her best work to date, but has also deeply effected many of those who have come to see the work.

The much anticipated opening of Costa Dvorezky's Adam and Eve did not disappoint. We had a great turn out despite the G20 and have had many of his admirers and collectors come by since. Interestingly, many artists have also been asking Costa when he is going to start offering classes in his techniques!


  1. your gallery looks great and of course the work of the artist also.

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